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We have an Inheritance

Hosea 4:6

My people are ruined for lack of knowledge!

God wants you to walk in your inheritance, today!

There was a woman who worked for a very wealthy man. She cleaned his house for years until one day he passed away. The man really liked this woman and right before he died he gave her a gift and told her to open it when she got home. She opened it up and in it was a piece of paper in a frame. The next day she heard the news of his passing and was deeply saddened. Fast forward forty years later, the same woman is now on her deathbed. She has worked like a dog these past forty years, 60 hour weeks cleaning other people's homes. One of her caregivers was talking with her as she lay in her bed and noticed the frame hanging in her room and asked "What's this"? She explained to her caregiver that it was a gift from her old client. The caregiver started to read what the paper in the frame said and looked at the woman on her deathbed " Do you know what this says?", she asked. No, she replied "I can't read."

It was the man's will, he had left everything to her. She was to inherit EVERYTHING.

There is an inheritance letter with your name on it:)

The Bible has never been more accessible than it is today. Your inheritance letter is in a book, on your phone, it's even available on audio. I encourage you to read it and read all of it.

If you had a rich uncle would you stop reading your inheritance once you knew he left you the car? What if he left you the house in Hawaii and the Jet?. Of course you would continue to read the whole thing. It's the same concept with the Bible.Don't just stop at Healing or Prosperity. Keep reading and believe and receive all of what belongs to you. You have an eternal inheritance.

Praise the Lord we have an inheritance!

God bless you and may He continue to make Himself known to you.

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