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The Righteous are WINNERS

1 John 5:4 KJV
For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our Faith
Welcome to the Winners Circle! The Righteous World holds a permanent place in the winners circle. The Golden verse for the day shows us that by Faith we are Overcomers. The moment we are born again we walk out of the Kingdom of Darkness and into the Kingdom of Light, and the devil couldn't do a thing about it. We who are in Christ are Victorious. How does it feel to win? If you were to go back and watch any sports interview, I think one of the most common responses you'll hear when this question is asked is "I'm on top of the world" How about you? How does it feel to win? Let us cultivate a Winning attitude and exude the same confidence that Jesus walked around with. Join me today, in celebration. God has delivered us, all the days of defeat are over! From this day forward our story improves. As children of God we are the victors and never the victims. God has placed us above not below, as the head not the tail. See He has gone before us and gives us the Victory. The Righteous World is Totally and unequivocally superior to Satan. Can you imagine having victory in every arena of life? It's time to build a mental picture of a glorious life that transcends the limits of your salary and your family background. You are in a new family now, the family of God. Rejoice. The days of lack are over today. The Righteous World goes from victory to victory. Hallelujah our cup runneth over. Our best days are ahead of us, days of blessings, of health, peace, joy and prosperity! Let's do our part: RECEIVE IT We are the Righteous and the Righteous live by faith. 2000 years ago Jesus defeated the devil so that we can live in victory Today. God bless you and may He continue to make Himself known to you.

Evangelist Urijah Phillips, Righteous World Ministries At Righteous World Ministries we would love to come into agreement in God's Word with you. Please send in your request here PRAYER REQUEST

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