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The Righteous are BOLD as a LION

Hebrews 4:16 KJV

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

You are righteous not because you feel righteous, not because you do everything right. You are righteous because that's the way you were born. Righteousness is a gift given to all who believe, the moment you believe. The Bible says the Righteous are as BOLD as a lion. Are you bold?

No feelings ever got in the way of Jesus going to our Father boldly. How did Jesus go to the Father? He went with full confidence knowing that our Father always heard him and that whatever he asked would be granted.

One day while Jesus was in a synagogue full of people there was a man in there with a shriveled hand. Jesus looked at him and told him to stretch out his hand. How's that for boldness? and yes the man's hand was completely healed..

Would you be so bold today to talk to the circumstances in front of you?

Sometimes circumstances seem to cause us to shrink back into our old identity. Operating in our old identity robs us from our inheritance. It doesn’t matter how big, bad, and ugly the circumstance may be. There is no giant too big, no army too vast that will keep us from having VICTORY.

We can't go to our Father in doubt, unbelief, or feeling unrighteous and expect to receive. That state of mind puts us in the position of a beggar. No, we go boldly, we go as sons and daughters and receive God's grace.

Be bold as a lion and get your breakthrough today.

God bless you and may He continue to make Himself known to you. Evangelist Urijah Phillips, Righteous World Ministries

At Righteous World Ministries we would love to come into agreement in God's Word with you.

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