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Have you tested Positive for Faith?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

We are a people of Great FAITH or are we?

The results are in..... & I have tested positive, positive for FAITH!

Create Relevant Content

Let's do it, let's be people of great faith. Today is a great day to take God for His word. He is God and He cant lie. If he says you are blessed, then you are blessed. If he says you were healed, then you are healed. No matter the circumstance make the Word of God final authority and receive what has been promised to you.

Stun Your Readers

Thousands and thousands of promises and they have your name on them!

The bible says to forget not all His benefits. Open your bible read and find out what those promises are. Some of us are swallowing the biggest lies of the enemy and are blind to some of Gods simplest truths. DON'T let that be you. Sow the seed of promise in your heart today.

Get Inspired

Faith is our positive reaction to what the Grace of God HAS ALREADY Provided

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