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Downtown Power Evangelism

My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power. 1 Corinthians 2:4

I was driving around Downtown Houston with my family and I saw a man demon possessed dancing around flaunting himself as if he owned the place. It did not sit right in my spirit. It was as if the devil was celebrating like he owned the place. I knew I was too come back and light up the city. My friend and I went back about a week later and lit up the place. We must of prayed for 50 people. We cast out demons, we ministered healing, and Praise God people gave their life to Jesus.

The Devil has no answer for the anointing. In Isaiah 10:27 it is the anointing that destroys the yoke of the enemy. We saw that first hand and you can too. God has totally equipped you. Because His Spirit is in you expect power to flow when you share Gods word.

Remember in Genesis 1 how the Spirit of God was hovering(waiting) over the waters, what happened when Gods word was released? The release of Gods word activated the Spirit of God to bring it to pass. The same thing is happening today. The Spirit of God is hovering over places waiting to bring to pass Gods word. You are His vessel. Maybe its your home, your workplace, or your community speak the Word of God in Faith and witness the Power of the Spirit bring it to pass before your eyes.

God bless you and may He continue to make Himself known to you.

Evangelist Urijah Phillips, Righteous World Ministries

At Righteous World Ministries we would love to come into agreement in God's Word with you.

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